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If you want a lip stain that will last for hours and hours, look in the produce section of the grocery store.  Mash raw beets and apply it to the lips with a cotton swab. Dab the excess off lightly with a tissue. Be careful not to go over the lip lines to prevent staining that area. You can line your lips before to "color in the lines".  Apply a cherry lip balm for gloss and the color will last for hours. 
Loose Powder:  
Store your powder in a salt shaker to make it last longer.  Everytime you brush powder on your face you loose at least one day's worth because it falls away and is easy to spill.  With the salt shaker you can shake it on to the palm of your hand and apply with a large brush. 

Lip pencils are used by every makeup artist because of the different uses they provide. Here are some tips they are good for and just so you know, I'm NOT going to suggest lining the lips in one horrendously bright color followed by a lipstick shade equally horrendous. Never did and never will like that look and based on comments from people around me who have seen that look, not too many people actually do. To give your lipstick a boost, apply a liner that matches your lipstick shade all over the lipstick followed by your lipstick. To keep lipstick from bleeding, apply a lip liner along the edges of your lips before applying lipstick. Use the same shade liner as lipstick, creating a fuller mouth, apply the lip liner on the outside of your lips and then use lipstick over the lips. Creating a smaller lip line, apply foundation over the edges of your lips and carefully draw a lip shape that is smaller inside your lip line. Follow with your lipstick.  
You can use almost any cake eyeshadow as an eyeliner by dipping your eyeliner brush in water, then going over your shadow and applying. You can get a longer lasting color with both the shadow and cake eyeliner if you use Visine eye drops instead of the water. The eye drops act as an  
eyeliner sealer. Just apply a few drops onto the shadow or cake eyeliner and use a fine eyeliner brush to sweep the color up with. Apply near the lash line and you will have color that lasts a lot longer than with plain water.  

If you have a problem with your eyeshadow lasting, try applying a little of your concealer on the eye lids. Make sure the concealer is dry before applying the shadow. The concealer acts as a base that helps the shadow adhere to the lid.

An easy way to prevent your lipstick from ending up on a glass you are drinking from, lick the glass before drinking from it. I happen to know this trick works because I drank from a glass and noticed that my lipstick  
didn't transfer to the glass.  
If you like a little dazzle, but hate looking "made-up", this tip is for you. 
Mix a bronzing powder with a clear or light beige lip gloss. Apply it to your eyelids to open the eyes up and give them a slight shine. You can also use this at the browbone instead of a highlighter. 
To remove lipstick from clothes, rub in a dab of vegetable shortening, then rinse the stained area with club soda. Works great!