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Go Batty in the Lillian Vernon Halloween Outlet & Save 50-70%!

The words typed in RED are costumes for more than one person.

Running out of costume ideas? Choosing a Halloween costume doesn't have to be traumatic. Here are more than 90 ideas of easy-to-make costumes for toddlers to teens and adults. Some may seem unusual, but many people are drawn to strange and wacky things, especially at Halloween. Or maybe you're on a low budget, you can create a cheap costume!
1950's Look~ Untucked, solid-color button down shirts; jeans rolled up to mid-calf;  socks and penny loafers. Girls wear pony tail and boys slick-back ducktail with grease.
Absent-Minded Professor~ Dig out that old graduation cap and gown, find some glasses and maybe a calculus book. Under the gown wear a shirt and bow tie and outrageous boxer shorts (you forgot your pants!). Extra touches can be a pocket protector loaded with pens and men's sock garters.

Accordion~ Simply fan-fold a piece of poster board, folding along the short side. Color one side piece to look like the keyboard side. Paint the other side with some small buttons. Attach the side pieces with glue. Dress in plaid pants and shirt that don't match. Carry a mini-cassette player and play polka music all night.
ALICIA KEYS~ Put on sexy outfit {for example, a sleeveless, lacy top or a top with flowing sleeves, worn with black pants and boots}. Create dozens of tiny braids in hair. Wear hat {dramatic/funky hat or long, trailing headscarf} at an angle so that it covers one eye in an alluring fashion; or, wrap scarf around head and let the ends drape down. Sing about gangsta lovin'.
Variation: Ask a friend to go as your piano. Don't forget the mic!
Angel~ using a white nightgown, white halo and wings as well as a harp.
Animals of all kinds~ For toddlers - you can make just about any animal there is using a sweat suit in the appropriate color. If it has a hood, you can attach ears to it, otherwise, you can use a headband to attach the ears.  Glue some fake fur from a fabric store to appropriate places (like brown fur on the belly for a bear, or pink fur on the belly for a rabbit, or white fur as stripes on a black sweatsuit for a skunk, brown fur on the hood for a lion, etc.). You can do a zebra with a white sweatsuit and a roll of black tape easily too. 
Animaniacs~ Black cotton cap for hair, use pipe cleaners and felt for forming ears which can be glued to hat. Use a small slinky  (stretched and wrapped in black felt for the tail. Black pants & shirt, white gloves for hands. Use lip stick for nose, white face paint for face, black face paint for neck.  (For Dot, add a red polka-dot skirt and  yellow silk flower on hat)(For Wacko, Use a baseball cap turned around (ears will be glued to it) with Blue sweat shirt with the sleeves cut 1/4 length) and (for Yacko,  Wear white pants). 
Atom~ Take 3 hula hoops and shove them inside each other. Wrap tinfoil around the hoops to make electrons. Then  wriggle inside so that two of the hoops are on each shoulder with the third circling me. Tie a fishing line to the shoulder pieces in front and back to keep it in place. Wear a black turtleneck and leggings and pasted construction paper circles with plus signs on them all over your body (protons) and plain ones for neutrons. Also make a poof out of your hair and paint your face silver (for the heck of it). Group variation: go as a molecule (2 hydrogen, one oxygen) with the correct electron/proton combos.
Automatic Dog Feeder~ Get a 50 pound dry dog food bag. We have had dogs--or donated the food to the Humane Society. Cut the bottom edge across the bottom so that it is 'open.' Pull it over your head and staple shut across each shoulder. Then mark and cut 'arm holes' on each side. This is fairly easy to wear throughout a party. You can wear almost anything under it and be sure to carry a few pieces of 'dog food'; in your pants' pockets. When someone asks (as they will!), "What are you?" You can pull out a few pieces of food and place each piece, one at a time, into their hand, while replying, "I'm an automatic dog feeder!"
AVRIL LAVIGNE~ Following shower, blow-dry hair straight. Apply heavy black eyeliner. Put on a sleeveless men's undershirt and baggy pants, preferably camouflage.  Put on a necktie {borrowed from dad?}. Put on wristband. Scowl and bare teeth frequently to demonstrate attitude.
Baby~ Fold a large piece of white fabric into a triangle. Pin onto your child to make a diaper. Add a white T-shirt, oversized slippers and frilly baby-style hat. Take a pacifier and a baby bottle along to complete the look.
Baked Potato~ Find some brown tights, socks or sweatpants. Take a brown garbage bag and cut holes for legs and arms. Stuff with newspaper or packing peanuts. Attach around neck without strangling self. Use yellow construction paper for a pat of butter on the tummy or head. Consider a hat made from an empty sour cream container, unless you're concerned about fat grams.   and sticking with the potato theme, if you have a baby who wants to get in on the tater-tot costume, then wrap the kid in aluminum foil and he's a "baked potato"
Bam-Bam~ Using leopard skin material, cut out a diaper size piece of cloth for the waist. Cut a  ragged edge and then use the same material to make a sash for the shoulder. Use a dog's rubber  bone for the back. Use hot glue to attach at the rear. Cut a card board circle and glue on a circle  of material. Use bobbi-pins to attach to the hair. 
Beavis & Butthead~Wear shorts, dirty hair, tacky t-shirts, red marks on your face and a bad attitude.
Betty Rubble~ Wear a black wig done "Betty"  style, take a blue halter dress and cut the length  with a pair of scissors so that the ends are  jagged. Wear a bow in your hair. Glue a small  rock to the top of the halter dress. 
Woman dresses as a brick and the man in overalls with a trowel. He was the brick-lay-her.
Carrie~Wear a white dress, lots of fake blood and carry a bucket of cherry jello.
Clowns~ Glue-colored circles of felt or pom poms onto a T-shirt or sweatsuit.  Add a clown nose, a colorfully painted face and some pom- poms on her shoes. You can also dress like a comet. To any color sweatsuit (but black might work best), add a colorful piece of cardboard in the shape of a comet that has been painted grey or silver. While the paint is still wet, add multicolored glitter. Attach the comet piece to your sweatsuit. Add a star wand and hairband.
Caesar Salad~  Put a colander on your head stuffed with lettuce (preferably Romaine for authenticity). Put croutons wherever you want. Tie a bottle of dressing around your neck. Make a simple toga from an old white sheet or towel. Find some sandals. 
Cowboy/Cowgirl~ Jeans, western shirt, boots, western hat, neckerchief  and bandanna.

Doctors and nurses~ Either can dress in an all-white outfit. Add a play stethoscope and thermometer in the pocket. Nurses can add a nurse's hat made out of white poster board.   
Dalmation~  Find an old white T-shirt or sweatshirt. Use black spray paint or cut black circles from felt or construction paper. Add black face paint on nose and a piece of rope for a tail. Make some floppy ears and attach them to a headband. Pant.
Denorex Model~ Part your hair down the middle and put shaving cream on both sides, wear a towel, and feel the tingle!
Dice~ Turn a box upside down and make three holes, one on the top for the head, one on each side for the arms, and of course, the legs are out of the bottom. Then draw dots on each side.
Dilbert~ Wear round wire-frame glasses, a white shirt and black dress slacks. Take a red and black stripe tie and using pipe cleaners glue them to the underside of the tie so that it will form the upward bend that Dilbert wears.
Dining room table ~ Take a box, at least as wide as your shoulders. Cut the top off, cut a hole in the bottom. Take an old tablecloth, cutting a hole in the middle, and place it on the box. Glue or tape it down. Then tape plastic dishes, silverwear and glasses to the top. Add a napkin, some condiments and a centerpiece <your head> and you are a walking dining room table.
Edward Scissor Hands ~ Find a pair of gloves, duct-tape cut out cardboard fingers and wrap in aluminum foil. (gives you all the dexterity you need). White, palor make up; dress in black with any silver accents (even earrings pinned onto black shirt or pants). Add a silver buckle belt (or whatever)
Elephant~ Start with a grey sweatsuit and add some stuffing to the top and pants. Make a long tube from grey felt or spray paint some flexible dryer tubing grey. Attach with elastic around his head. Make large ears out of grey felt and attach with glue to a headband.
Energizer Bunny~ Wear pink clothes, attach a cotton tail, and don't forget the black sunglasses. Find and old hat box for the drum and attach it to your shoulders with rope. Then bang on it all night and drive everyone crazy!
Floppy disk~ Black sheet folded in half with appropriate glue ons to look like a disk... (5 and 1/4 of course!)
Flower~  Using several pieces of colorful crepe or tissue paper, make a flower-lay all the pieces out on top of each other, poke down in the middle and crimp the middles together. Use a pipe cleaner or twist tie to hold it together. Glue a bright pom pom in the middle. Attach it onto a hairband or use bobby pins to keep in place. Wear a colorful outfit or add mini-flowers to a sweatsuit.
Football Player~ Those who have an older brother or father who played football in high school or college can use their uniform. Use foam inside the helmet to make it fit properly, use the teams sweatshirt underneath.  Use black tape under the eyes for that touch of the real game.
Ghost~ Sheets - make sure to cut big holes for eyes.
Globe~ Color a large white trash bag with colored markers-color in the continents and the oceans. Cut holes in the bag for his head and arms. Stuff the globe with newspaper or polyfil. Add white sweat pants and decorate with stickers of different country flags or mini-globes.
Glow Skeleton~ Dress in black clothes, black jeans, black shirt (long sleeved). Get white reflective tape (at Walmart), tape it in skeleton formations to front of clothes, down arms, make pelvis, ribs, leg bones, etc. Paint faces white with dark shading around eyes, nose, mouth. As you walk down the street, when cars approach, the lights will make the tape glow and all you'll see is bones. Too cool, and safe. Looks better than any store bought costume.
God's Gift to Women~ Wrap yourself like a present using romantic wrapping paper. Attach a large tag that says "From: GOD To: WOMEN". 
Gum tied to the bottom of a shoe~ Tie a sneaker on top of your head, paint your face pink, wear pink clothes.
Grape Vine~ Use a  brown body suit and  shoes. Cover your body with double sided sticky tape. Then fill up purple balloons and attach the balloons to the double sided tape. You may use a garbage bag tie to attach the balloon to the  double sided tape. This is  preferred if you are going outside in the wind.
GWEN STEFANI~ Put on long blonde wig and pull it up into a high ponytail. Put on bikini top and houndstooth-pattern pants borrowed from mom or grandma. Pile on the costume jewelry; long strands of pearls are ideal. Apply lots of eye makeup. Carefully shape brows; lipstick should be red and shiny.
Variation: Get your friends to dress as the rest of No Doubt.
Gypsy~ Get a scarf for your hair, a shawl and a puffy blouse with a flowing long flower print skirt.
Hat~ Make a giant black tube of cardboard or fabric that goes down over your child's head to cover the upper chest (cut holes for his hands and eyes). Add a black rim at the bottom. Paint a "face" on your child's tummy. Make fake hands to cover his shoes. This is a fun look for kids-but be sure to have someone go with him, since visibility may be a problem.
Hippie~ Bell-bottom jeans, long jeans, or peasant dress, love beads (long necklace, bead band, peace button and pink-tinted glasses. Tie-dyed shirt optional).
Hobo~ Large men's pants, large dark sports coat, shirt with patches and carry a stick with a bandanna. Adults can burn a cork and when charred blow out the cork and then use this charred area for a scruffy look.
I Dream of Jeannie~  Use a tube top for the top, and cut off a red vest for the jacket. Use baggie pants that can be dyed pink and an old pair of  ballet shoes.
Indian ~ Start with brown pants and add a strip on each leg (cut some brown felt like fringe). Paint a T-shirt with Indian designs. Add moccasins and a headband made from leather or decorated with small beads.
Information Highway~ Dress in Black with Yellow stripes down the front.
Jet plane~ Cut a long piece of cardboard for the wing. Spray paint it silver and add propellers or jet engines and some airplane markings. Attach the wing to your child's back with silver ribbon. The rest of the outfit can be silver or grey.
John Wayne Bobbitt~ You'll figure it out.
John & Lorena Bobbitt~ John would wear pajamas with a lot of fake blood on the crotch. Lorena would wear night clothes also, brown wig and carry a bloody knife and the severed peepee, which could be a realistic dildo, or maybe formed out of paper-mache. He could follow her around apologizing profusely and begging her to give his weinie back. 
 Judge Judy~ Use a graduation robe and dye it black. Wear a curly wig and a lace trimmed blouse underneath.
JUSTIN GUARINI of "AMERICAN IDOL"~ Put on a big curly wig. Sing into a fake microphone (a hairbrush would also work) . Smile like a maniac.
Kangaroo ~ simply use a tan colored sweatsuit. Tuck the sweatshirt into the pants. Put a mini stuffed kangaroo into the top of the pants. Add a long tail of tan felt and a flag of Australia.
KELLY OSBOURNE~ Put on vintage clothing, preferably punk-inspired. Apply dramatic makeup heavily, using liberal amounts of eyeliner and deep red lipstick. Put on black or fuschia wig. Comb large section of hair over eyes. Pout.
Variation: Get your friend or brother to dress up as Jack.
Ladybug~  Put black spots onto the back of a red sweat suit top. The bottom should be black sweatsuit pants or leggings. Make a couple of extra legs from black felt and attach to the tummy. Add black antenna to a hairband for a "buggy" look.
Lost TV Remote~ Art imitates life once again with this cumbersome but easily-identifiable costume. Simply remove two large seat cushions from your sofa, and affix one in front of you and one behind you. Youre an item familiar to all.
Magician~ Where a black tux jacket, black  pants, white dress shirt, Top hat and stuffed  bunny for your tricks.
Man on a windy day--Wire your tie to the left (this is a last resort!).
MARTHA STEWART~ Put on crisply ironed button-down shirt , being careful not to wrinkle it. Tie on apron. Using knife and cutting board (watch those fingers!), begin hacking at head of cabbage. Make coleslaw; refuse to answer any questions.  
Monsters~  This costume can vary greatly. Just wear some tattered clothes, add fake blood and a stiff walk for a Frankenstein look. Dracula dresses all in black with a cape, vampire teeth and blood dripping from his mouth. A swamp monster (with a green complexion) would be dressed in tattered green clothes and have some vines (seagrass) hanging from his shoulders. I have a recipe to make your own scars for an extra effect.
Mount Rushmore~  Get three friends. Take one white sheet, and cut four holes in it.  Whiten your faces and hair with make-up, powder or flour. Then line up and stick your heads through the sheet, and enjoy your monumental costume.
Mr. Potato Head: Fill a burlap bag with old shirts or rags. Using felt, cut out the eyes, nose  and mouth. Attach Velcro to the backs of these  items. Use fiber- fill to stuff the parts. Then  attach the Velcro backs to the suit. Use black  sweat pants or leotard for legs. 
Mummy~ Take white sheets, tear up into long strips and wrap them around the body. Or just use toilet paper or gauge.

NELLY~ Put on a jersey, ballcap and bling-bling (fake is fine). Apply band-aid on your left cheek. Talk about how hot it is in herre.
Neon~ Decorate a brightly colored sweatsuit with some glow-in-the-dark paints. Carry several glow-in-the-dark necklaces and glow sticks and do your face in glow-in-the-dark paints. 
Nerd~ High-water pants (FLOODS), white shirt, bow tie, white socks, black shoes and dark-frame glasses with masking tape around the nose piece. For that extra touch, use a pocket protector.
Officer-military or police~ The most important part is to have firmly pressed blue pants and shirts. Add some decals, patches or badges-buy some in a military supply store or just have your child make his own. Add an official hat and have your child salute at every stop.
Old Man/Women~ Old looking clothes,  glasses, old shoes, and cane. Use a bulky  purse and for that added touch, use baby powder for grey hair.
Oreo Cookie~ Cut two large circles of cardboard, spray paint them black, and glue on white cotton balls to spell Oreo. Tie the two pieces together and slip over your head, and wear all white underneath for the cream filling. Carry a plastic pumpkin full of Oreos to give to your friends and you'll be the hit of the party!
Pancake~ Stack and glue together several pieces of round cardboard. Paint them tan and be sure to add some light brown "syrup" on the top. Paint a square piece of cardboard yellow to add a pat of butter on top.
Pat (From Saturday Night Live)~ Get a Western shirt 2 sizes too big. Stuff yourself with rolled up newspaper. Use polyester   pants that are brown and 2 sizes too big. For the stuffing on the pants, use multiple  layers of foam. Use military style glasses. Black curly wig.
Pippy Long Stocking~ Wear a red wig with two pig tails on each side. Using pipe cleaners, wire the inside of the pig tails. Then attach a piece of fishing string to from the end of the pig tail and attach it to the base of the wig with a needle and thread (This will give the trademark Pippy tails.) Then wear a red dress with a flower pattern and a white apron with a fringe on it. Wear hiking boots and color socks and then apply red marker fake freckles.
Pumpkin ~ Decorate a large orange trash bag with a black marker to look like a pumpkin. Cut a hole in the bag for the head and arms. Stuff the top and tie at the bottom. Add a green leaf on his head to finish the look. 
"Pumpkin" garbage/leaf bag (those orange bags with pumpkin faces on them that people put on their lawn to gather dead leaves in); make holes for your head and arms, fill the bag with cotton, sponges or anything you have to make it appear full. Take up the rest of the space between your body and the bag; take some dead leaves and attach them (with tape, staples, glue or whatever) to the outside of the bag, and other parts of your body and face if you so desire. Instant human leaf bag.
Quarter-If you have an artist in the family, let him paint a giant quarter on a large piece of cardboard. Paint the front on one piece and the back on another. Staple or glue a piece of ribbon near the shoulders of both sides and attach by tying it over the shoulder.
Queen~ complete with crown, sceptre and royal-looking robes is another option.
Rainbow~ Cut out two arch-shaped pieces of cardboard. Let your child paint a rainbow on each. Attach elastic or ribbons over the shoulder to hold it on. Paint a rainbow on her face. Complete the look by adding some rainbow and sunshine stickers onto her clothes.
Rapper~ Large jeans, large shirt. Baseball cap worn sideways or backwards.
Roadkill--Wear all black, cut lines out of yellow construction paper, and attach them down the front of your outfit. Then pick your least favorite stuffed animal and pin it to your outfit. Gross but easy!
Runaway Bride~ Wear a bridal gown and sneakers.
Scare Crow~ Add patches to jeans and flannel shirts, add straw to cuffs of pants and shirt (duct tape will allow you to attach straw to under side of pants and shirt).
Sharks ~ Make a costume by adding a cardboard fin to the back of a blue, black or grey sweatshirt. Attach it with glue or sew it on with heavy thread. Cover a baseball hat with matching felt. Make white teeth from felt or poster board and glue them onto the brim of the felt-covered hat. A tail fin made out of felt can be attached to the rear of the suit.
Sherlock Holmes~ Get a brown cape, a vest, white slacks and a magnifying glass, the sleuth  hat.
Silly Cow~ Take your Gateway Boxes (after they are empty) and cut them into small pieces. Paste the pieces to a sheet. Tape a surgical glove to the front.
Spaghetti and Meatballs~ Drape yourself in red and pasta-colored yarn. Attach "meatballs" also made of yarn!
Speedbump~ Just wear a yellow sweatsuit and paint tire tracks on the back.
Sports Star~  wear your own sports uniform and carry along your sports equipment of choice-football, baseball glove, soccer ball, etc.
Statue of Liberty~ (Great if you have long hair) Use gel to mold your hair into points, wear a sheet and carry a book and a flashlight.
Sugar Daddy~ Attach candy all over yourself.
The Bet~Find a barrel and attach rope so it hangs from your shoulders (and wear shorts underneath, of course!) and carry a sign that says "I LOST!" Have a friend carry a pile of clothes and a sign that says "I WON!"
Tree~ Dress all in brown. Make a "trunk" from cardboard-have it extend from under your chin to your knees. Get a clown wig and spray paint it green. Add a few artificial or real leaves to your wig (and maybe even some plastic apples or other fruit). For the finishing touch, use face paints to color your face green.
Tourist~ wear plaid shorts, a Hawaiian shirt, white socks and tennis shoes. Add a camera around your neck and a road map hanging out of a pocket.
Tacky Man/Woman~ Just butt UGLY, mismatched clothes (polyester and patterns are a plus).
Tube of toothpaste~ Get a white lampshade for the cap to wear on your head. Then dress in sweats that emulate your favorite toothpaste--for Crest  wear white. Then cut out of construction paper the "Crest" with the logo, and saftey pin it to sweats. For the toothbrush, get a large sweep broom and turn the handle and tie it on to the stick.
Uncle Sam ~ Make a tall stove pipe-type hat from red or blue poster board. Add a few white stars to the hat. Dress in red, white and blue clothes. Bring along a flag for a fun look.
Universal Bar Code ~ Get a childs growth chart with the lines and numbers on it, then affix it to your body from head to toe.  Every shopper will recognize you as a price in Universal Bar Code! This costume will also protect your anonymity: No one call tell what the real price is, just like at the grocery store!
The Universal Bar Code thing can also be done as a "Generic Halloween Costume".  Dress all in white and draw a big UBC symbol about the size a of a sheet of paper. Attach one to your front and one to your back.  You are now wearing a "generic halloween costume" 
Valentine~ Dress her in a red or white sweatsuit. Make a giant heart from red poster board. Glue on wide white lace to the edges and paint a big "Be Mine" on the heart with glitter paint. Glue a few more hearts to the pants.
VIN DIESEL~ Many, many weeks before Halloween, begin intense workout program. Shave head. Apply temporary tattoos to bulging biceps. Take off shirt. Flex muscles.
White Trash~ Wear all white, and attach trash (i.e., milk cartons, paper, candy wrappers) all over yourself. Or step into a white trash bag overflowing with trash.

Witches and warlocks ~ These can both be made with basic black clothes. Add a black cape and a black pointed hat (can be made from poster board). A magic baton and a plastic bat complete the look.
Woman in bubble bath~ nude colored leotard with clumps of batting on it like bubbles. Carry bubbles around all night and blow them in everyones face.
X-ray~ Paint two pieces of cardboard to look like your insides-add ribs, bones and even a heart. Use ribbon to attach them over the shoulders and carry a neon green glow stick.
Yellow jacket ~ buy an oversized yellow sweatshirt or T-shirt. Using a black marker or black felt, make several stripes. Have your child wear black tights, and stuff the top with polyfil (if you stuff with newspaper have your child wear a shirt between the newspaper and his body) and cinch the bottom together with ribbon. Attach wings made of cardboard or stretch black nylons over two coat hangers bent into circles. Glue or sew the wings onto the striped t-shirt. Add antenna to a headband.
Zebra ~ Use a black marker to make the stripes on a white sweatsuit. Or cut out wide strips of black felt and glue on. Add felt ears glued onto a hairband and black and white gloves to complete the look. These same supplies can make a cow costume-just make black spots instead of stripes.
Zorro~ Black clothing, black hat, mask (for the cape - dye an old sheet  black) and a red scarf wrapped around the waist.

Here are some ideas for costumes:
Egg and Sperm (works better with one woman and many men)
Oyster on a half shell
For a pregnant woman:
Paint a pumpkin on your belly. Wear a button-down shirt buttoned to just below your breast, and pin the rest of it behind your back. Pull your pants  down below your big belly to leave it exposed. Walk around with your hands under your belly like you're was carrying a pumpkin.
A simple pillow can provide any number of last-minute costumes. Tuck it into the upper back of your shirt ~ you're Quasimodo. Or move it around to the front ~ you're Arnold Schwarzenegger. Now drop it lower ~ you're Helen Hunt last season on "Mad About You" Dont discard that pillow case ~ put it over the top part of your body and youre a Chicklet.
Make your own Halloween Scars for an extra creepy effect. Create that look you want!

Pointers & Tips
Hunt through your closets for old clothes you might be able to use. That old shirt you never wear anymore can get cut up for a vest, hood or sash. That old skirt can be made into a cape. Rip that chiffon layer off your old prom or bridesmaid dress and use it to make a harem girl costume. And old sheets are great for more than just ghost costumes. Hey, Scarlett O'Hara made a drop-dead dress from some curtains, so keep an open mind! You can always dye things to make them the color you need. Items like belts, hats, or even old boots can be spray-painted for a new look. And don't forget to surf the web for images of your costume character to help spark your creativity.
If the costume is for an adult, you can piece together items with staples and/or masking tape. (Well, they only need to last one night!) Just turn everything inside out, staple along the seams, and cover the staples with masking tape. Hemming can be done with just tape (hide a couple of staples along the seams if you can, to make it stronger).
An easy way to make a skeleton - use all white clothes and then put on electrical tape to form the bones. Or use all black clothes with white cloth medical tape. You can use tape to make stripes on clothes for a prison uniform, or to put stripes down the sides of pants legs for police uniform, etc. The beauty of this technique is that the tape comes off and you don't have to destroy anything to make your costume.
Leather look: black trash bags over something padded
Metal items: cardboard covered with aluminum foil
Poor man's bald wig: cut up some pantyhose and stretch it over your hair
Five o'clock shadow: burn a piece of cork and rub on your face or create stubble by using coffee or tea grounds stuck on with eyelash adhesive
Facial hair: cut some fur off an old stuffed animal and apply over eyelash adhesive
Ghoulish skin: for skin that actually peels and falls off, use any type of peel-off facial mask, found in most drug stores.
Apply base make-up all over face and neck. "Scrunch" up your face first to emphasize your "natural" wrinkles, and apply make-up that is lighter than your natural skin-tone (work on a small area at a time for best results). Then "de-scrunch" and fill in the creases using a soft brown eye-liner pencil. Create sunken cheeks by darkening the cheek hollows. Emphasize the creases around your nose, and darken along your jaw line. Create crows feet by your eyes. Pucker up your lips to create wrinkles around your mouth. Add liver spots, broken capillaries, etc. Blend everything with a make-up sponge. If you use make-up with a small amount of yellow added, you'll get a more realistic look. Use the same techniques on your hands for more realism. When you are all done, powder all over with baby powder to set make-up and give a dry skin appearance. You can also use baby powder to make your hair look gray.
Take some light corn syrup and add a lot of red food coloring until it looks about right. Then add blue food coloring a drop or two at a time to make the color closer to real blood (a little green might help too). If you mix in some peanut butter, the blood will be less likely to stain.
It's possible to make homemade scar "stuff," but it's much easier to purchase a Halloween scar kit from your local store, they only cost a few bucks and they work fine. Be creative to make the scars look as ugly as possible. Throw in some dry oatmeal to add a gross texture. Be sure to mix in lots of fake blood. To make burn scars add something black (burn a piece of cork, or use wadded up pieces of a wet magazine page).
Take a pair of pantyhose and cut off both legs. Use a sewing machine or glue gun to make a seam all the way up the middle of each leg (don't make the seam very even). Cut off unneeded halves and turn the others inside out. Fill with cotton or cut up cotton cloth. Twist at random places and make a few stitches to make them look more realistic. Soak in fake blood and let them hang from torn shirt or zombie costume!
Get a band-aid about the size of the boil you want. Then, dip some tissue (toilet paper works best) into a mixture of PVA glue and water, and form it onto the band-aid. Make a groove by pushing a pencil about halfway into the tissue. Wait for it to dry and cut around the hardened glue and tissue. Peel the backing of the band-aid off and place it in the desired location. Use makeup to blend it onto your skin.
Find a good tree branch to use for the handle (a little crooked works best). Take some straw (pine needles can also be used) and tie it into many small bundles using strong thread or string. Tie each bundle as tight as possible. Then begin attaching the bundles around the bottom of the branch, tying them one or two at a time, winding string around and then adding more. When you get to the last bundle, wrap the string around that one and tie it off tight.