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Broken Nail
If you have a tea bag in your cupboard, then you can make a very quick fix and be on your way.  Cut the bag and use a piece of it to mend the nail with a bit of glue, then polish over it.  Now you have a perfect fix!
Strengthen Weak Nails
There are lots of products on the market that claim to strengthen weak nails. Here's a home recipe that will do the same. This will not only strengthen them, but will also give them a nice shine.
Mix together...
2 teaspoons salt
2 teaspoons castor oil
1 teaspoon wheat germ oil (available at health food stores)
Pour into a bottle with a cap. Shake before using. Rub a small amount of the mixture into your nails. Leave on for 3 to 5 minutes and tissue off. You can apply plain castor oil afterwards, if you want them to shine.

We all know a French manicure is a sheer nail color in beige, nude, or clear, with the tip done in white. Another version is called a "duet" which is popular also. The duet can be a sheer beige color with the tips done in gold or silver for an evening look, or any nail color shades that compliment each other. You can go as daring or as subtle as you like. Experiment and you may find a "duet" you love!  
For those who suffer from painful hangnails, know that the number one reason this happens is dry cuticles. Ragged  cuticles or hangnails are a warning to moisturize them. People will use hand moisturizer and not pay enough attention to the cuticles when applying the lotion or cream. Make a conscious effort to apply a little extra product and massage it into the cuticles daily, (a few times a day if possible). Vitamin e oil massaged into the cuticles daily is a great way to insure your cuticle's health. Never cut cuticles as they protect the nail from injury and also from infection. Push cuticles back, rather than cutting them. Apply any cuticle oil or rich moisturizer and massage it in, use an orangewood stick, (available at any drugstore in the nailcare section) and gently push them back. Re-moisturize and make moisturizing  part of your daily routine to keep them heathy. 
If you want a natural, fun and conditioning treatment for your  
nails, get daring and try this.  
Take a few teaspoons of strawberry-flavored Jello and mix it with enough water to make a paste. Apply it to your nails with a Q-tip. The powder stains your nails red so you don't have to polish them and the gelatin is good for nail growth and strength. You can apply a glossy top coat over the stain. They also will smell nice all day and if you have someone who might like to lick your fingers, won't they be happy?

Making your nail polish last longer will work by taking a few extra minutes when doing your manicure. The added time will be worth it for the extra time your polish stays on.
First, starting with a clean fingernail is essential. The natural oils on your nail, or any oil or lotion on a cotton square you use to remove polish can adhere to the nail and make the polish peel. Wiping the nail with Sea Breeze or a little nail polish remover, will remove any residue. Using a basecoat as a primer will act as a foundation of sorts for your nail. As tempted as you might be to skip this step, it's important for longer lasting polish.  

Likewise for a topcoat. This seals the polish and protects against chips.  
Letting each coat dry a few minutes also insures a longer lasting manicure. By allowing each layer to set, the next layer will adhere much better. Putting each layer of polish on lightly will speed up the drying time. Polish applied too thick will chip and peel off easily.