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Sometimes you might wonder if it really makes a difference if you stick to a routine or do things once in a while. While you may not think you're getting benefits by repetition, you are. Here are a few simple routines you should try to maintain.
Deep conditioning of the hair...
Not only will it improve your hair's health, you will find that healthier hair needs less products to keep a style, which means less build-up on the hair. Once a week is a good rule of thumb for deep conditioning.
Under-eye creams...
By getting into this twice a day routine, morning and night, dark circles, puffiness,and fine lines will be less noticeable in 4-6 weeks.
Buffing Lips...
For just a few seconds, everynight, buff damp lips with a washcloth or a wet toothbrush. This will keep your lips fuller-looking, smoother, and help keep lipstick on.
Broken Compact Powder
If your compact powder breaks, continue to break it into smaller chunks, add a few drops of rubbing alcohol into the compact and mix it until it becomes a paste. Smooth the mixture with a popsicle stick if you have it, or any other sterile item. Leave it set for a few hours and it'll be as solid as it was before you broke it after the alcohol evaporates. This will work with broken blush and eyeshadow as well.
Beauty Boo Boos
We all make them or have at one time or another. Here are a few. Look and see if anything sounds familiar.
  1. Lining lips in dark colors. The ONLYtime this may look "ok" is if you are wearing a dark lipstick which would give you less of a contrast. Wearing too dark of a liner also accentuates fine lines around the mouth.
    Try this...Wearing a neutral-colored pencil that goes with
    all lipcolors.
  2. Applying concealer, foundation or blush before your moisturizer is completely dry. This can make your makeup "slip and slide" around.
    Try this...Allow the moisturizer to penetrate and dry on
    the face for 10 minutes before your makeup application.
  3. Wearing a too-light concealer to cover dark circles. If you do this, you will actually call more attention to the undereye area which isn't hiding much then is it?
    Try this...Buy a concealer in a shade that exactly matches your skin, or at the most, one shade lighter.
  4. While bold pinks and oranges can look fine for special occasions, for everyday use they're too harsh-looking and can age your skin in appearance.
    Try this...Choose a makeup palette that has neutrals such as browns, roses and beiges. These tones work for all skin tones and give the skin a glowing, not harsh-looking look.

Matching Lip Gloss & Blush
If you have a shade of blush that you love and wish you could find a matching lip gloss in that shade, try this. Mix a little of your blush with a little petroleum jelly, apply it to the lips with a lipstick brush. If you have any old lip gloss pots, you can mix a batch and put it in them to use later. You can also experiment with different shades to change the colors. Certain eyeshadow colors will look great as a colored lip gloss. The petroleum jelly keeps your lips nice and moist, and the color will be natural looking.

Here are some guidelines to go by for when to throw your make-up out, that should be used to help prevent the spread of bacteria which make-up is notorious for. I know spending alot of money on high priced cosmetics makes a person have the tendency to want to hang onto it as long as possible, but bacteria knows no difference between cheap make-up and expensive make-up. The product is open and is exposed to air, bacteria can land on the product and then be transferred to the skin by the utensils you use and your own hands.. Keeping the utensils clean is a first step of course, but it isn't the cure-all...Here's the list of products and the basics of how long they should be kept...And yes... we're ALL guilty of keeping make-up too long...
Lipstick and lipliner...1 year
Eyeliner and mascara...3 months
Eyeshadow...6 months to a year
Blush...6 months 
Foundation...1 year, unless you notice a "funny" smell. If so, be safe and throw it out.
Nail Polish...2 years if stored in a cool, dry, place  

For those of you who wear glasses, sometimes applying makeup can be a little tricky because of the lenses and the way the eye makeup is perceived. Here are some tips for those who wear  glasses and want their eyes to look their best.
The type of glasses you wear will effect the way the makeup looks. Lenses made for nearsightedness will make eyes look smaller, so you want to brighten the eyes and may need a little more eye makeup.  Lenses for far sightedness will magnify the eyes, so makeup should be a little lighter...  
Always apply makeup to your whole face. The lips and cheeks are just as important as the eyes when wearing glasses.
Depending on the color of your frames, choose the colors for your eyes  
accordingly. If you have bright colored frames, use neutral tones of  
eyeshadows. If your frames are neutral or metal, you can be a little  
bolder with color.
The eyebrows are VERY important when wearing glasses. They should be 
well shaped and well groomed. They are a focal point when you wear  
Eye color can be deeper in shade because the lenses will make the color look lighter.
Eye color should be used moderately. Browns or blacks may look harsh and a soft gray might be a better choice.
Mascara should always be used if possible.
If your frames are large, apply blush on the cheekbone so it will be  
seen through the lenses.
If you have bright colored lenses, balance it with a rich colored lipstick.
Tinted lenses distort color so be careful with the shades you choose.

If you're one that tries to keep up with the trends, fall brings some changes from the summer looks. Here are just a few that are featured in some magazines. While following a trend is OK, always keep in mind your personal skin tones, figures, and hair types. Just because something is "in" or popular, doesn't mean it's the right choice for you. Feminine is in for fall from retro 20's to 80's glamorous looks. Feminine is not flashy, but can still be glamorous.
Muted tones in coral, russet and deep sunset tones are in for the lips and cheeks. Matte lipsticks are out with a gloss over or a creamy lipstick the one to use. The gloss and creamier lipsticks also do double duty by protecting the lips as we enter cooler weather.
Softer shades of eyeshadows with long, lush eyelashes are "it." Using a lot of mascara with an eyeshadow that is pale in color will glamorize your eyes up in a feminine way.
For those of you with wavy or curly hair. It's our turn, with long, stick straight hair put aside. Healthy, shiny, waves and curls are coming back this fall with lengths a little below the shoulder. A side part or off middle part adds to the retro "pinup girl" look. Soft hair, not plastered down hair is the idea. 
If you have straight hair, you can build in some wave: To maximize hair texture, spritz wet hair with volumizing spray and pull it back into a ponytail, looping it around your finger. Pin the knot you've created, let it dry naturally, then simply unpin it.
This fall, nails go natural with a sheer color in shades of pale pink or beige. If you are one that still likes some color, go with taupes and corals. The tips of the nail are slightly squared this fall.  

If your legs aren't "perfect," choosing a skirt length should flatter the best part of your legs. If you're luck enough to be able to wear short skirts, they shiuld fall at the leanest part of your thigh. Any shorter than that...why bother at all? 
A mid-length skirt should fall to the narrowest part of your calf. If your legs are a little "thicker," go for long skirts. 
A lot of women often wonder what items of clothing to have when starting a new job, entering the work force, or re-entering the work force after an being away from it a while without spending a fortune. A good rule of thumb is to start out with  
a simple, black pantsuit. You can break the pieces up and wear them as separates and make your wardrobe budget go further.
A classic white shirt that is tapered gives you shape with a collar that can be worn in or out of the jacket. You can add knit tops, a camisole, if you like and depending on your work environment, a skirt. Add basic black pumps and a thin belt and you can mix and match as you add various pieces. You won't go broke this way and it gives you the opportunity to  
resist impulse buying "in bulk" before starting the job. You may decide everything you had to have isn't just right and you're wasting money if it sits in your closet. 
You won't believe the new product item that is the rage in Europe and quickly becoming the rage in Hollywood and New York, What is it? "Anti-cellulite pantyhose." No joke...  
These new pantyhose are made of a unique fabric that is embedded with chemical compounds such as microemcapsulated vitamin e and retinol, both items that can reduce the appearance of cellulite. Here's how it supposedly works. While you're moving around, friction between the material and your skin triggers capsules to release the ingredients, the idea being that your skin is getting firmer all day long. When tested in a 12-week blind test, 50% reported a visible improvement in their cellulite bumps after only 8 weeks. 
By now you're wondering if these "miracle pantyhose" are available now and where can you get them. The answer is, yep, Hanes L'eggs and Donna Karan all have anti-cellulite pantyhose. You can find them in department stores, grocery stores and drugstores. They range in price from $6.00 to $18.00. I wonder if sleeping in them would make you wake up with a perfect body, probably only in my dreams huh?  
Losing weight is a battle that almost everyone battles at one time or another. There are hundreds of methods to lose weight from fad diets to surgical solutions. Certain nutrients are essential to the body to feel good, but they can also aid the body with weight loss. Here are some nutrients that do both. 
Stressed out? A vitamin B-complex not only regulates the blood sugar that trigger eating binges, but can spped up weight loss by 30%. You know that vitamin c can help in preventing colds, but it can also encourage the body to burn stored fat. 3 grams of vitamin c a day can trigger an 8 pound weight loss in six weeks.
For those who suffer from PMS, addidng calcium-rich foods can relieve PMS symptoms, but it can also help in shedding body fat. Dairy foods have now been touted as a means of helping weight loss.
For those who are chronically tired, the coenzyme Q10 or the technical name of CoQ10 is drastically reduced in the body after of 40. THis enzyme is a fat-burning nutrient which is why people over 40 have a harder time losing weight. Just a 100 mg. a day made people in a University of Texas study lose an average of 30 pounds in two months.
Always check with your doctor if you're uncertain about adding any of these to your diet. Health food stores are a good avenue to check on these also.  

The key to great wedding day style is about looking like yourself at your most glamorous - not about trying new looks or matching your makeup to your color theme. You can't go wrong when you keep your look simple and classic. Your makeup shades should naturally enhance your skin tone, but wedding day makeup should be a bit stronger than what you normally wear (to avoid looking washed-out in pictures). Some beauty-do's for  
you and your bridesmaids: 
Keep eyes simple: Brush a light shade of eye shadow (try Banana or a light pink) from lash line to brow bone, then line eyes with a dark shadow shade, like charcoal, navy or mahogany eye shadow. 
Use waterproof mascara.
Go for a pretty shade of blush. Rose tones look great on darker skins. Pinks and corals for fair to medium skin.
For lips... deep lip color like wine or plum berry is great for darker skin or African American skin. Pinks and corals work well with fair to medium skin. 
Experiment with these looks before the wedding day, apply your makeup and then take a picture to see how the colors look on film. This will give you a basic idea of how you and the makeup will look.

Keeping your sweaters looking their best is easy if you use a child's hairbrush to remove lint and hairs, rather than a lint brush. A child's hairbrush is softer and more gentle on the fibers. After wearing your sweater, gently brush it with the hairbrush to keep it fluffy looking. If you have your clothes dry cleaned, always remove them from the cleaner's plastic bags before hanging in the closet. Clothing needs to breathe and "suffocating" them in plastic will break down the fibers in the clothing. If you're concerned about items getting dusty, use an old pillowcase. Just cut a hole in the top of an old cotton pillowcase and slip the hanger through.

Aromatherapy has become very popular in the last few years.  
Certain aromas are known to give benefits not only to the  
skin, but to the mind. Here is a little guide to help you  
determine what you may need when shooping for essential  
oils. Health food stores as well as bath and body shops  
carry these. Keep in mind, a true essential oil is expensive  
ane must be mixed with a carrier oil to prevent some bad side  
effects. Lavender and almond essential oil can be used straight  
without a carrier oil. A carrier oil is a regular vegetable oil  
such as canola, which works great...
Benefits: relaxing, helps relieve anxiety and depression,  
anti-inflammatory, helps heal cuts and burns, balances body  
and mind Scent: floral, sometimes sweet, herbaceous  
Found commonly in: perfumes, hair and body products
Benefits: uplifting, antibacterial, antiviral, immuno-stimulant,  
purifying, helps oily complexions  
Scent: bright citrus  
Found commonly in: facial cleansers, soaps, perfumes, room sprays  

Benefits: energizing, good for soothing digestive problems,  
relieves headaches, decongestant  
Scent: cool, tingly, minty  
Found commonly in: dental hygiene products, soaps, shampoo,  
Benefits: aids in concentration and memory, helps stimulate  
hair growth, relieves muscular aches  
Scent: smooth herbaceous, sometimes camphorous  
Found commonly in: hair care products, massage oils and balms  

Benefits: stimulating, antiviral, decongestant, expectorant  
Scent: airy, leafy, camphorous  
Found commonly in: steams and saunas, massage oils and  
rubs, soaps
Benefits: relaxing, antispasmotic (good for relieving menstrual  
cramps), helps reduce excessive sebum production, aphrodisiac  
Scent: heady floral with herbaceous base note  
Found commonly in: massage oils, shampoos, scalp oils, facial  
products, perfumes  

Benefits: antiseptic, homeostatic, balancing  
Scent: strong floral, sometimes sweet  
Found commonly in: perfumes, soaps, facial products  
Sometimes wearing the right clothes can hide some minor flaws that you aren't happy with. Here are a few tips.
Make your hips appear smaller...  
Look for lower waisted pants. Pants that fit just below the bellybutton can shrink the hips. This makes the body look longer also. Keep in mind though and don't take offense, BUT...IF you have a larger than life butt, use a little judgement and don't go for the low-rise hip-hugger Britney  
Spears look.
Hide bigger thighs...  
Shirt-dresses glide over larger thighs. The key here is to make sure the material is not stiff, or you'll look bulkier.
Make a large bust look smaller...  
Most women are trained to avoid patterns, not necssary. By pairing a patterned top with a solid bottom, attention is drawn to the face, not the bust.
All over shrinking effect...  
A solid-color suit or separates in the same color works great. A belted jacket that is longer in length that falls right below the hip line slenderizes. The belt shrinks your waist.

Tips on the benefits of water and Green tea for your body.
"WATER:  Water is the leading remedy for skin, digestive, hair, nails, stomach, body and weight problems.  Remember, beauty comes from inside, literally and figuratively! Get out your big cup and drink much, much water. You will be amazed at the results a few cups a day makes.  
GREEN TEA:  It seems as though every magazine has information on the health benefits of green tea.  It is consumed as a beverage and used in cosmetics. Green tea is an amazingly powerful antioxidant, great for the immune and circulatory systems.  Scientists believe that drinking it can help protect your body from heart disease and cancer.  It is known to  lower blood pressure as well and it also builds protection against respiratory and indigestive infections and food poisoning.  Green tea also blocks the attachment of bacteria to the teeth, protecting against cavities.  Green tea has been shown to be an anti-bacterial, able to kill the bacteria that causes acne.  It is also very good for hair--it can guard against sun damage and give your hair shine.  So before you go and spend $50 on a face cream containing green tea, go buy some tea bags for $2 and drink up!  Drinking 1-4 cups a day will keep the doctor away!"  
Since cold and flu season takes its toll on people all over and everyone is busy masking the effects a cold has on your face can be done with a little help. 
Cold medications constrict blood vessels which make the skin look ashy and pale-looking. To counteract this effect, apply an over-the-counter cortisone cream to the dry areas around your nose. This will reduce the redness and inflammation.  
Take away some of the puffiness around the eyes with a cooling eye mask. You can soak a washcloth in cold water and apply it to your eyes, or you can throw a chilled, peeled, cucumber in a blender, and put it in a paper towel that you have doubled to give it more strenth. Leave any of the eye masks that you do use for at least 15 minutes. The cold will constrict the blood vessels which will make them look less puffy.   
If your skin has a red, blotchy look because of the flu or a cold, use a yellow-based concealer to get rid of the red. Just dab it on lightly to prevent a pasty white look that will make you look sicker than when you started.   
Keep blush at a minimum, especially if your face is red from the cold or flu. A luminzing cream or lotion might be a better bet instead. If your skin isn't red and blotchy, use blush, but sparingly.   
Make your eyes look "less sick" by curling your eyelashes and applying mascara. You might not want to load on eyeshadow to draw attention to watery eyes.  
Here are a few tips for the winter .
Since winter means there are less hours of sunlight and sunlight is what rejuvenates most people, a good night's rest is very important to give you added energy the next day. The type of pillow you use might be the reason why you aren't getting the rest you need. A good pillow should straighten and support the spine. If you like to sleep on your side, use a firm pillow. Use a medium pillow if you like to sleep on your back. Stomach sleepers should always use a flat, soft pillow.  
Like to wear wool but don't like the itchy feeling it gives you? Try washing woolens in 2 tablespoons of glycerine in cold water. The glycerine softens the fibers which won't feel so scratchy.   
Wearing hats and have that "electrified" look when you take it off? Take a small amount of moisturizer, rub it in your palms until it's gone and then lightly run it over your hair before you put that cap on. This will stop static.(So will rubbing a fabric softener sheet over your hair IF you happen to take one with you.) 
When you pour a skin lotion in your hand to smooth over your skin, add one or two drops of tea tree oil to the lotion before applying it to the skin. The tea tree oil penetrates the skin to relieve dryness.

Here are a few things you can do to "update" the sweater and the look.
A basic black cardigan can be dressed up for the evening by snapping on sparkling rhinestone or pearl button covers. You can get those in any fabric or arts and crafts store. Take a buckled slim leather belt and belt a long cardigan to give it a trendy look.
An ordinary crew-neck sweater can be transformed by pinning a flower pin or retro pin on it. Experiment with what looks best or strikes your fancy.
A fake fur collar will turn a boring sweater into a purfectly fun sweater.
A plain V-neck sweater can look polished for the office by simply knotting a scarf around the neck and tucking the ends into the sweater.
Turn any sweater preppy by gluing on a status applique, like a polo pony, or an itsy bitsy alligator. You can also find these at arts and crafts stores or department stores that carry accessories.