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Dream Catcher

One 4" brass ring
Amy 2mm cord  6 yards long
15 pony beads
Making the Web - Tie one end of the cord to the ring. Loop the cord as shown in Diagram. Pull tightly on the cord after each loop. To start the next row of the web, simply wrap the cord over and down around the first cord. Continue looping until the opening in the center is the desired size.

Adding Beads - While creating the web, beads can be added as part of the design. Loop the cord just before the bead and then pass through the bead. The bead is "captured" inside the web and cannot move.

Wrapping the Ring - Upon completion of the web, you can cover the ring with the cord by securing one end to the ring with a double knot. Wrap entire ring with the cord and glue ends in place.

Adding Beads & Feathers - Cut a piece of cord 6 to 8 inches long and beads. Tie the last bead into place with a double knot. Push a feather through the beads until it fits tightly in place. Secure the cord onto the ring by tying a double knot.

Hanging your dream catcher - upon completion of your Dream Catcher, cut a piece of cord at least 6 inches long and tie to the top of the Dream Catcher.